Presentations and Papers

Monday, September 9, 2013

Opening of the Conference: A. Tchouvelev (HySafe) and M. Steen (EC JRC) on behalf of the Organising Committee

Session: Global Policies and initiatives for hydrogen in transitioning to a low-carbon economy

Chair: D. Ristori (Director-General Joint Research Centre, European Commission)

Opening and welcome by the chair

Japan: Dr M. Hashimoto, Director General New Energy Technology Department of NEDO, chairman of IPHE Steering Committee

USA: Dr. D. Eppler,  Counselor for Energy, Environment, Science and Technology, US Mission  to the European Union

China: Prof. Mao, Chairman of National Association for Hydrogen Energy, Vice-President International Association for Hydrogen Energy, Advisor to Ministry of Science and Technology

Germany: Dr. T. Herbert, Programme Manager Transportation, on behalf of Dr K. Bonhoff, Managing Director National German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Programme

Presidency of the European Council: Dr. Darius Milčius, Lithuanian Energy Institute

European Parliament: V. Prodi, Member of the EP Committee on Industry, Research and Energy

European Commission: D. Calleja DG-ENTR - O. Onidi  DG-MOVE - T. Constantinescu DG-ENER - G. de Santi DG-JRC

European Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH-JU): B. De Colvenaer, Executive Director

European Hydrogen Association (EHA): Marieke Reijalt, Executive Director

Conclusions – D. Ristori

Session 1B: Release and dispersion

Chair: A. Venetsanos

Paper Id No: 248 - Hydrogen bubble dispersion and surface bursting behaviour (Ingram, J.M., Battersby, P., Averill, A.F., Holborn, P.G., Nolan, P.F.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 158 - Effectiveness of a blower in reducing the hazard of hydrogen leaking from a hydrogen-fueled vehicle (Tamura, Y., Takeuchi, M., Sato, K.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 239 - Experimental investigation of non ideality and non adiabatic effects under high pressure releases (Kuznetsov M., Pariset S., Jordan T., Friedrich A., Stern G.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 116 - Simulation of Hydrogen Dispersion under Cryogenic Release Conditions (Giannissi, S.G., Royle, M. Venetsanos, A.G., Markatos, N., Willoughby, D.B.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 125 - CFD based simulation of hydrogen release through elliptical orifices (Shishehgaran, N., Paraschivoiu, M.) - Presentation

Session 2B: Risk management

Chair: P. Benard

Paper Id No: 101 - Advancing the Hydrogen Safety Knowledge Base (S.C. Weiner) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 228 - The mitigation of hydrogen explosions using water fog, nitrogen dilution and chemical additives (Battersby, P., Holborn, P.G., Ingram, J.M., Averill, A.F., Nolan, P.F.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 121 - Safety modeling of hydrogen: from the release of LH2 or GH2 to the use of recombiners as passive safety devices (C. JäKel, S. Kelm, E. Reinecke, K. Verfondern, H.-J. Allelein) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 193 - Application of Risk Assessment Approach on a Hydrogen Station (Ahmad, A., Al-Shanini, A., Khan, F.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 219 - Uncertainties in risk assessment of Hydrogen discharges from pressurized storage vessels ranging from cryogenic to ambient temperatures (Markert, F., Melideo, D., Baraldi, D.) - Presentation

Session 3B: Ignition

Chair: J. Wen

Paper Id No: 164 - Numerical study on detailed mechanism of H2/Air Flame Jet Ignition (Bitoh, H., Seutake, M., Asahara, M., Yamada, E., Hayashi, A.K.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 167 - Strong and Mild Ignition Mechanism behind Reflected Shock Waves in Hydrogen Mixture (Asahara, M., Shirakawa, Y., Hayashi, A.K., Tsuboi, N.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 196 - Experimental and numerical study on spontaneous ignition of hydrogen-methane jets in air (Rudy, W., Dabkowski, A., Teodorczyk, A.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 204 - Effects of chemical kinetics on ignition of hydrogen jets (Bourgin, E., Yang, C., Bauwens, L., Fachini, F.F.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 211 - Numerical simulations of spontaneous ignition of high-pressure hydrogen based on detailed chemical kinetics (Terashima, H., Koshi, M., Miwada, C., Mogi, T., Dobashi, R.) - Presentation

Session 1C: Release and dispersion

Chair: G. Benard Michel

Paper Id No: 236 - Numerical simulation of the helium dispersion in a semi-confined air-filled cavity (Huong-Lan Tran, Anne Sergent, Gilles Bernard-Michel, Patrick Le Quere) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 139 - Experimental investigation of nozzle aspect ratio effects on under expanded hydrogen jet release characteristics (Ruggles, A.J., Ekoto, I.W.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 145 - Cfd benchmark based on experiments of helium dispersion in a 1m3 enclosure–intercomparisons for plumes and buoyant jets (G. Bernard-Michel, B. Cariteau, J. NI, S. Jallais, E. Vyazmina, D. Melideo, D. Baraldi, A. Venetsanos) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 152 - Passive ventilation of a sustained gaseous release in an enclosure with one vent (Molkov, V., Shentsov, V., Quintiere, J.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 161 - Influence of the location of a buoyant gas release in several configurations varying the height of the release and the geometry of the enclosure (Deborah Houssin-Agbomson, Gilles Bernard-Michel, Benjamin Cariteau, Simon Jallais) - Presentation

Session 2C: Safety H2 infrastructure

Chair: A. Harris

Paper Id No: 210 - Safety and Risk Management in Hydrogen Production with Thermochemical Water Splitting Cycles (Wang, Z., Secnik, E., Naterer, G.F.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 109 - Hydrogen Systems Component Safety (Rivkin, C., Blake, C., Burgess, R., Buttner, W.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 115 - Deploying Fuel Cell Systems: What Have We Learned? (Barilo, N.F., Weiner, S.C.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 243 - CO2-Free Hydrogen Supply Chain Project and Risk Assessment for the Safety Design (Oyama S., Kamiya S., Harada E., Inoue K., Nishimura M.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 244 - Safety design of compressed hydrogen trailers with composite cylinders (Azuma, M., Oimatsu, K., Oyama, S., Kamiya, S., Igashira, K., Takemura, T., Takai, Y.) - Presentation

Session 3C: Ignition

Chair: S. Hawksworth

Paper Id  No: 223 - Experimental investigation of flame and pressure dynamics after spontaneus ignition in tube geometry (Grune, J., Sempert, K., Kuznetsov, M., Jordan, T.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 234 - Ignition of flammable hydrogen/air mixtures by controlled glancing impacts in nuclear waste decommissioning (Averill, A.F., Ingram, J.M., Battersby, P., Holborn, P.G. And Nolan, P.F.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 103 - Ignition of Hydrogen Jet Fires from High Pressure Storage (A. Kessler, A. Schreiber, C. Wassmer, L. Deimling, S. Knapp, V. Weiser, K. Sachsenheimer, G. Langer, N. Eisenreich) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 189 - Real size calculation of high pressure hydrogen flow and its auto-ignition in cylindrical tube (Makoto Asahara, Akinori Yokoyama, Yuito Tatsumi, Suguru Kato, Eisuke Yamada, A. Koichi Hayashi) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 201 - The Effect of Tube Internal Geometry on the Propensity to Spontaneous Ignition in Pressurized Hydrogen Release (B.P. Xu, J.X. Wen) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 218 - A Turbulent Combustion Model for Ignition of Rapidly Expanding Hydrogen Jets (Maxwell, B., Falle, S.A.E.G., Sharpe, G.J., Radulescu, M.I.) - Presentation


Paper Id No: 114 - CFD simulations of the effect of ventilation on hydrogen release behavior and combustion in an underground mining environment (Angers B., Hourri A., Benerd P., Tchouvelev A., Betournay M., Hardcastle S.)

Paper Id No: 154 - A Study on the Continuous Spill with Limited Period of Release (Kim, M., Do, K., Kim, T., Choi, B., Han, Y.)

Paper Id No: 173 - Comparison of Solutions for a Liquid Pool Spreading Model with Continuous and Instantaneous Spills (Byung-Il Choi, Myungbae Kim, Kyu Hyung Do, Tae Hoon Kim, Yongshik Han, Yuwhan Lee)

Paper Id No: 172 - Catalysis of Oxides in Hydrogen Generation by the Reaction of Al with Water (Gai, W.Z., Fang, C.S., Deng, Z.Y.)

Paper Id No: 186 - Comparison of Numerical and Algebraic Models of Low and High Pressure Hydrogen Jet Flows with Ideal and Real Gas Models (Xuefang Li, Jingliang Bi, David M. Christopher)

Paper Id No: 187 - Risk analysis on mobile hydrogen refueling stations in the world expo shanghai (Li Zhiyong, Pan Xiangmin, Ma Jianxin)

Paper Id No: 227 - Structural health monitoring tecniques for damages detection in hydrogen pressure vessels (Sánchez J.C., Quero F., HernáNdez E., Latapia J., Galindo J., Azkarate I., Ortega A., BeaJ. A.)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Plenary: FCH JU priorities

B. De Colvenar - Presentation

State-of-the-Art and Research Priorities in Hydrogen Safety - A. Kotchourko (Paper ID 229) - Presentation

Chair: M. Steen

Plenary: Hydrogen use and fire prevention in Italy

F. Dattilo - Presentation

Chair: M. Carcassi

Topical: Cryo-compressed Hydrogen Storage (CcH2) Roadmap from validation towards regulation.

J. Burtscher

Chair: T. Jordan

Roundtable: Standardization to Support Innovation and Commercialization of HFC Infrastructure

Panelists: A. Tchouvelev , T. Herbert and P. Churchill

Chair: J. Keller

Topical: Battery Safety and Industry Developments

A. Westgeest - Presentation

Chair: L. Brett

Session 4A: Release and dispersion

Chair: M. Paraschivoiu

Paper Id No: 170 - Hydrogen distribution in enclosures: on distinction criterion between quasi-homogeneous mixing and stratification modes (Denisenko V.P., Kirillov I.A., Korobtsev S.V., Nikolaev I.I.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 178 - Application of natural ventilation engineering models to hydrogen build up in confined zones (Simon Jallais, Deborah Houssin-Agbomson, Benjamin Cariteau) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 214 - Accumulation of hydrogen released into a vented enclosure - experimental results (Hooker, P., Willoughby, D., Hall, J., Hoyes, J.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 216 - Large Scale Passive Ventilation Trials of Hydrogen (Hedley, D., Hawksworth, S.J, Rattigan, W., Brentnall R., Allen, J.) - Presentation

Session 5A: RCS

Chair: A. Maruta

Paper Id No: 144 - Status, gaps and recommendations regarding standardisation and the use of hydrogen in sustainable buildings (Haugom, G.P., Otterdal, A.L., Friis Hansen, P., Rotty, S.Y.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 118 - Development of standards for evaluating materials compatibility with high-pressure gaseous hydrogen (San Marchi, C., Somerday, B.P., Nibur, K.A.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 105 - What is an Explosion? (Keller, J.O., Gresho, M., Harris, A., Tchouvelev, A.V.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 128 - Indoor use of hydrogen, knowledge gaps and priorities for the improvement of current standards on hydrogen, a presentation of HyIndoor European project (B. L’hostis, S. Ruban, G. Bernard-Michel, A. Kotchourko, S. Brennan, R. Dey, P. Hooker, D. Baraldi, A. Venetsanos, J. Der Kinderen) - Presentation

Session 6A: FC/electrolysis safety

Chair: O. Jedicke

Paper Id No: 142 - Safety concept of a self-sustaining PEM Hydrogen Electrolyzer System (Hotellier, Gaëlle, Becker, Inés) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 191 - Failure of PEM water electrolysis cells: case study involving a node dissolution and membrane thinning (Dzhus, K.A., Grigoriev, S.A., Korobtsev, S.V., Fateev, V.N., Bessarabov, D.G., Millet, P.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 195 - Cost effective inherent safety index for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell systems (Nordin, Nazatul Niza, Ahmad, Arshad, Mohamad, Mardawani, Ali, Mohamad Wijayanuddin) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 240 - H2FC European Infrastructure; Research opportunities to focus on scientific and technical bottlenecks (Jedicke, O.R., Inge-Dahl, P.) - Presentation

Session 4B: Confined spaces

Chair: V. Molkov

Paper Id No: 181 - Syngas explosion reactivity in steam methane reforming process (Simon Jallais, Andrey Gavrikov) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 133 - Combustion modeling in large scale volumes (A. Velikorodny, E. Studer, S. Kudriakov, A. Beccantini) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 235 - A comparative study of detonability and propensity to sustain high-speed turbulent deflagrations in hydrogen and methane mixtures (Maley, L., Bhattacharjee, R., Radulescu, M.I.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 111 - CFD modeling and consequence analysis of an accidental hydrogen release in a large scale facility (Bauwens, C.R., Dorofeev, S.B.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 112 - Experimental study of vented hydrogen deflagration with ignition inside and outside the vented volume (M. Schiavetti, A. Marangon, M. Carcassi) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 146 - Modelling and effect of Rayleigh-Taylor instability on coherent deflagrations (Keenan, J.J., Makarov, D.V., Molkov, V.V.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 135 - Vented hydrogen-air deflagration in  a small enclosed volume (Rocourt, X., Awamat, S., Sochet, I., Jallais, S.) - Presentation

Session 5B: Sensors

Chairs: L. Brett - W. Buttner

Paper Id No: 136 - An Assessment on the Quantification of Hydrogen Releases Through Oxygen Displacement Using Oxygen Sensors (Buttner, W.J., Burgess, R., Rivkin, C., Post, M.B., Boon-Brett, L., Palmisano, V., Moretto, P.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 123 - Trends in gas sensor development for hydrogen safety (HüBert, T., Boon-Brett, L., Palmisano, V., Frigo, G., Hellstrand, Å., Kiesewetter, O., May, M.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 124 - Time response of hydrogen sensors (HüBert, T. And Banach, U.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 134 - Evaluation of Selectivity and Resistance to Poisons of Commercial Hydrogen Sensors (Palmisano, V., Boon-Brett, L., Bonato, C., Harskamp, F., Buttner, W.J., Post, M.B., Burgess, R., Rivkin, C.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 198 - Very low-cost visual and wireless sensors for effective hydrogen gas leak detection (Benson, D.K., Hoagland, W., Smith, R.D.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 122 - Feasibility of hydrogen detection by the use of uncoated silicon microcantilever-based sensors (Boudjiet, M.T., Cuisset, V., Pellet, C., Dufour, I., Bertrand, J.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 148 - Influence of doping element in distributed hydrogen optical fiber sensors with brillouin scattering (Bertrand J., Pilorget G., Lesoille S., Lablonde L.) - Presentation

Session 6B: Education and lessons learned

Chair: N. Barilo

Paper Id No: 166 - Developmentof a Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Emergency Response National Template (Hamilton, J.J.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 213 - Introductory course on hydrogen safety at CENEH-UNICAMP (Neves Jr, N.P.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 233 - European hydrogen safety training platform for first responders: hyresponse project (Verbecke F., Vesy B., Lopez M., Molkov V., Reijalt M., Dey R., Maranne E., Dang-Nhu G.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 150 - Discussion of lessons learned from a hydrogen release (Harris, A., Kashuba, M.) - Presentation

Webinar: What We Can Learn from Hydrogen Safety Event Databases - Presentation

N. Barilo, S. Weiner, P. Moretto, D. Baraldi and M. Steen

Moderator: J. Keller

HySafe General Assembly

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Plenary: Historical perspective - Presentation

Panelists: J.Y. Zheng (Paper ID 155), CN; A. Maruta , JP; M. Steen , EU; J. Hamilton , US; P. Lehman, (invited), US

Chair: A. Tchouvelev

Topical: Hydrogen Vented Explosion: experiments, engineering models and CFD - Presentation

S. Jallais

Chair: A. Kotchourko

Topical: Hydrogen storage - recent improvements and industrial prospectives

H. Barthelemy (Paper ID 132) - Presentation

Chair: ZQ Mao


Session 7A: Vented deflagrations

Chair: S. Dorofeev

Paper Id No: 165 - Hydrogen-air vented explosions: new experimental data (Daubech, J., Proust, C., Gentilhomme, O., Jamois, C., Mathieu, L.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 176 - An inter-comparison exercise on engineering models capabilities to simulate hydrogen vented explosions (S. Jallais, S. Kudriakov) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 217 - Vented hydrogen-air deflagrations in low strength equipement and buildings (Molkov, V., Bragin, M.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 237 - Effect of initial turbulence on vented explosion over pressures from lean hydrogen-air deflagrations (Bauwens, C.R., Dorofeev, S.B.) - Presentation

Session 8A: Storage Safety

Chair: JY Zheng

Paper Id No: 209 - Helios: A new method for Hydrogen permeation test (Valentini, R., De Sanctis M., Lovicu, G., Colombo, C.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 183 - The study on the internal temperature change of type 3 and type 4 composite cylinder during filling (Kim, Changjong, Cho, Sung Min, Kim, Eun Jung, Yoon, Kee Bong) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 220 - Assessment of a cfd model for simulations of fast filling of hydrogen tanks with pre-cooling (Melideo D. ,Baraldi D., Galassi M.C., Ortiz Cebolla R., Acosta Iborra B., Moretto P.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 224 - Experimental study of the thermal behaviour of hydrogen tanks during hydrogen cycling (De Miguel, N., Acosta, B., Moretto, P., Harskamp, F., Bonato, C.) - Presentation

Session 7B: Premixed combustion

Chair: L. Bauwens

Paper Id No: 117 - Evaluation of the adrea-hf cfd code against a hydrogen deflagration in a tunnel (Tolias, I.C., Markatos, N., Venetsanos, A.G.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 149 - Modelling and simulation of lean hydrogen-air deflagrations (Makarov, D., Molkov, V.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 231 - Effect of temperature on laminar flame velocity for hydrogen-air mixtures at reduced pressures (Kuznetsov M., Czerniak M., Jordan T., Grune J.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 238 - Evaluation of hydrogen, propane and methane-air detonations instability and detonability (Borzou, B., Radulescu, M.I.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 199 - Implementation of large scale shadowgraphy in hydrogen safety phenomena (Dennis, K., Maley, L., Radulescu, M.I., Liang, Z.) - Presentation

Session 8B: Storage Safety

Chair: P. Moretto

Paper Id No: 106 - JRC reference data from experiments of onboard hydrogen tanks fast filling (Acosta, B., Moretto, P., De Miguel, N., Ortiz, R., Harskamp, F. and Bonato, C.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 102 - The slow burst test as a method for probabilistic quantification of cylinder degradation (Mair, G.W., Hoffmann, M., SchöNfelder, T.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 131 - Safety Issues of the Liquefaction, storage and transportation of liquid hydrogen (Lowesmith, B.J., Hankinson, G., Chynoweth, S.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 184 - Study on behavior of ambient hydraulic cycling test for 70 mpa type-3 hydrogen composite cylinder (Cho, Sung Min, Kim, Changjong, Kim, Eunjung, Kim, Inchan) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 157 - Safe storage of compressed hydrogen at ambient and cryogenic temperatures in flexible glass capillaries (Zhevago, N.K., Chabak, A.F., Denisov E.I., Fateev V.N., Glebov V.I., Korobtsev S.V.) - Presentation

Session 7C: Fires

Chair: F. Dattilo

Paper Id No: 147 - Ignited Releases of Liquid Hydrogen: safety considerations of thermal and over pressure effects (Hall, J.E., Hooker, P., Willoughby, D.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 104 - Radiation from hydrogen jet fires investigated by time-resolved spectroscopy (A. Kessler, A. Schreiber, L. Deimling, V. Weiser, T. Klahn, G. Billeb, S. Knapp, N. Eisenreich) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 110 - Updated Jet Flame Radiation Modeling with corrections for buoyancy and Wind (Ekoto, I.W., Ruggles, A.J., Creitz, L.W., Li, J.X.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 153 - Hydrogen non-premixed combustion in enclosure with one vent and sustained release: numerical experiments (Molkov, V., Shentsov, V., Brennan, S., Makarov, D.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 200 - Predicting radiative characteristics of hydrogen and hythane jet fires using firefoam (Wang, C.J, Chen, Z.B., Dembele, S., Wang, C.J.) - Presentation

Session 8C: H2 effects on material

Chair: H. Barthelemy

Paper Id No: 119 - Hydrogen compatibility of austenitic stainless steel tubing and orbital tube welds (Hughes, L.A., Somerday, B.P., Balch, D.K., SanMarchi, C.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 226 - Dependence of hydrogen embrittlement on hydrogen in the surface layer in type 304 stainless steel (Li, Z.Y., Zheng, J.Y., Zhao, Y.Z, Xu, P., Zhou, C.L.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 232 - Computational analysis of hydrogen diffusion in polycrystalline nickel and anisotropic polygonal micro, nano grain size effects (Jothi, S., Croft, T.N., Brown, S.G.R., De Souza Neto, E.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 100 - The effect of iron on the solubility behavior of hydrogen in tantalum (Taxak, M., Kumar, S., Krishnamurthy, N., Kalekar, B. B., Sheelvantra, S.) - Presentation

Paper Id No: 215 - Material testing and design recommendations for components exposed to hydrogen enhanced fatigue – the mathryce project (Briottet L., Moro I., Escot M., Furtado J., Sallais D., Dey R., Di Vito L., Acosta-Iborra B., Bortot P., Solin J.) - Presentation


ICH6 2015 in Japan: Aki Maruta (Technova) - Presentation

Closing Session - Presentation

Chair: M. Carcassi